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Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai

Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai

Water is the number one basic need in our daily life. We use water practically for everything.

In the UAE region the water is stored in the tanks of the building and then it is pumped to the taps. Unfortunately these tanks can accumulate dust debris and can be a perfect breeding ground for growth of bacteria. It is not very uncommon to find legionella and other water-borne diseases. This is one of the reasons Dubai municipality has mandated the water tanks to be cleaned every six months

Water Tank Cleaning Disinfection

Water tank cleaning is an extremely vital part for human existence. Poorly maintained and neglected tanks can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria such as Legionella, E.coli, Pseudomonas and TBC. These bacteria feed on dirt, scale, rust and debris. To prevent or control these risks, precautions should be taken to keep the water tank clean. Domestic water tank cleaning & disinfection is of particular importance as part of a planned preventative maintenance regime, new installation and when combating killer bacteria such as Legionella. Using experienced staffs and working to the latest Dubai Municipality Standards and NPSM Specialized Cleaning Services LLC Standards , we will manually and chemically clean the water tanks, provide a full complete report with a disinfection certificate and make recommendations for water tank improvements.

To determine overall cleanliness we recommend that all water tanks be visually inspected at least every six months together with water sampling to determine if cleaning, disinfection is required. Guidelines issued by Dubai Municipality (DM) concerning water tanks serving drinking water require these to be drained, cleaned and disinfected bi-annually to insure proper hygiene and water safety.

Water Quality Test

At NPSM Specialized Cleaning services LLC , we provide Complete cleaning and sanitizing of water tanks and once cleaning is done, we submit water samples to third party Laboratory (DM Approved) for detailed analysis to ensure that water being delivered meets the safety and hygiene standards and is fit for human use and consumption.

Third Party laboratory where your water sample will be given and tested with various measure such as full microbiology, legionella, chemical testing, total bacteria count etc.

Signs you need to clean you water tank

Presence of sediment or debris in water.

Noticeable unpleasant smell from tap water.

Water appears cloudy, brown, or yellowish.

water flow or pressure.

Algae or slime visible in the tank or water.

Our water tank cleaning services include

Our team conducts a detailed inspection of the water tank to assess its condition and identify any issues. We then drain the tank completely to ensure a thorough cleaning process.

We manually scrub the interior surfaces of the tank, removing sediments, algae, and any other contaminants. This step includes cleaning the walls, floor, and all accessible components using specialized, non-toxic cleaning agents.

Using high-pressure jet washers, we thoroughly rinse the tank to remove any remaining debris and cleaning agents. This ensures all surfaces are properly cleaned and free from contaminants.

We disinfect the tank using safe and effective sanitizing agents to eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. A final rinse is performed to ensure the tank is clean and safe for use. After cleaning, we refill the tank and conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is in proper working order.

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